Watch: Legendary ‘Mathcore’ Band Botch Release First Single In 20 Years

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The band Botch formed in 1993 and have become known as one of the most technically intriguing and compelling acts in heavy music. The Tacoma, Washington mathcore band released two studio albums during their career (from 1993 to 2002), along with a plethora of other releases. 2002 was the year Botch decided to break-up – but it looks like they are back (at least for a new song).

The band have made their way over to Sargent House (the label), with Sargent House announcing that they would be putting out a re-issue of the band’s second LP, We Are The Romans. Along with this exciting news, the band have released a brand new song – their first new song in 20 years.

The track “One Twenty Two” has been released as of today and makes for a technically rich song – both crushing and sonically captivating. You can check out the music video for Botch’s “One Twenty Two” below. You can pre-order your copy of Botch’s We Are The Romans re-issue now via this link here. Along with We Are The Romans, Botch’s other studio album is that of American Nervoso.

Is it possible that this new song could eventually inspire more from the band? Maybe not anytime soon… but down the road? Who knows. Imagine how awesome it would be to hear that the band were to embark on a new tour alongside releasing a new record. There are many metal bands that have gone on hiatus and have made impressive returns; we actually wrote a feature about such bands several months ago.

What are your thoughts regarding the band’s new song? Are you a longtime fan of the band already?

“One Twenty Two” Lyrics:

7 years of tears into pillows
The longest nights left out
A case of pills do nothing for us
Finding love in doubt
Black widow
Fucking say it again
I’ll end this right now