‘It’s just f*****g ridiculous’: Bam Margera Talks To Steve-O About ‘Getting Kicked Out’ Of Jackass

Bam Margera: Matt Rogers, Picasa 2.0, CC BY-SA 2.0, (Wikimedia Commons) / Steve-O: Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0, (Wikimedia Commons)
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Given everything going on in his life, some fans of Bam Margera have been wanting to hear from the skateboarder and Jackass star himself. Well not only has Bam recently taken to publicly sharing intimate details regarding his work towards sobriety, he did so on fellow Jackass star Steve-O’s podcast.

Uploaded to YouTube as of August 11th, Bam Margera appeared on Steve-O’s podcast Steve-O’s Wild Ride!. During the roughly 57 minute conversation the two have, Steve-O and Margera speak to their individual struggles with alcoholism (and a lot of what Bam has been going through).

Among the plethora of subjects that come up is that of Bam’s frustration regarding being “kicked out” of Jackass – this frustration is referring to Bam not being part of Jackass Forever. At one point during their conversation, Bam goes on to talk about how he has worked on his social circle and has kept in touch with individuals who he knows are good for him.

This prompts Steve-O to speak up and share the following:

“I gotta say, I’m really grateful that you and I have maintained a friendship – particularly throughout everything that has gone on with Jackass. I really, really want you to know that, even though I don’t think you choose to believe it, the fact is, that the whole you getting your contract cancelled or whatever you want to call it – getting kicked out of Jackass 4 – was genuinely the same as me getting an intervention from Johnny Knoxville.”

Bam then pipes up and says, “I got so much to say. In Jackass 2… [I got] drunk at the LA airport with brass knuckles, I got a fucking felony charge and I got [a] high-five for good press. Now I wind up sipping on a beer out front of a hotel on TMZ and get kicked out for being a liability. It’s just fucking ridiculous.”

Steve-O replies:

“Okay, I mean, I’ll entertain some of that. Back in the days of Jackass 2, we were in our hay day, we were at our worst – drugs and alcohol were still working for us. Nobody was getting locked up in rehab or jail or having public meltdowns.

“And I hope that you can understand that, at a certain point, specifically over the last few years, that it stopped being fun; it stopped being funny, it stopped being cool, it stopped being something we want to give you a high five for. Because we’ve been watching you self-destruct. I will say specifically, Tremaine and Knoxville saved my life by enforcing some consequences.”

Bam then goes on to talk about some frustrations and set-backs that he has had to deal with. Steve-O then shares a really powerful note regarding the process of working towards sobriety. He says to Bam, in part: “It’s not about a beginning and an end, it’s about learning a new way to live.”

This is a really powerful and beautiful sentiment Steve-O. We are wishing Bam all the best in working on his health and hope he is doing well. You can check out the full conversation involving Bam and Steve-O below.

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