‘F**k that motherf*****’: Anthrax Members Call Out Andy Dick Over Some Past BS He Pulled On The Band

Scott Ian & Frank Bello: Anthrax Facebook / Andy Dick: David Shankbone, CC BY 3.0, Wikipedia
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During a recent appearance on the Podioslave Podcast, Anthrax members Scott Ian and Frank Bello shared a story that involves some past shit that comedian Andy Dick pulled on the band. While many metalheads discovered the band through their music, others may have came across them via other sources of media. One of those sources may have been NewsRadio, the TV show (which Andy Dick was part of and Anthrax happened to have made an appearance on).

The Anthrax members speak to some nice experiences they had on NewsRadio; however, this conversation eventually leads to Scott talking about Andy Dick, who ended up blaming the band for a disastrous set. Here is that conversation, as transcribed by The Pit:

Scott Ian: “[…] I have very fond memories of doing NewsRadio with Frank and John in 1995.”

Frank Bello: “Another thing, that was with the great Phil Heartman, which if you [don’t] remember, we went in his little booth there and he sat us down, [he says] ‘Hiya boys come on in.’ It was one of those surreal moments, we were such big fans; and Joe Rogan, for that matter, was a great dude back then too. So they were all really nice to us, that was a fun experience.”

Scott: “Except for Andy Dick [laughter].”

One of the guys on the podcast then asks if Andy exposed himself.

Scott:No, but uh, to make kind of a long story short… Not like we’ve done a lot of sitcoms, we did two, but since we were veterans going into NewsRadio, having done Married With Children, you kind of rehearse all week and then they film on Friday and then there’s always the wrap party Friday after they’re done. So we went to the wrap party and we ended up back on the set in the studio with, I believe Andy Dick and Dave Foley, and I can’t remember who else was there – that red head actress [Vicki Lewis].

“There might have been some other people there, but for sure Dave and Andy; ’cause I knew Dave Foley already socially and they invited us back to the studio to have more drinks, and at some point we left. Then we get a call the next day from our manager saying, ‘What the fuck did you guys do last night at the set for the TV show?’ And we’re like, ‘What do you mean? We went back there, had some drinks and we said goodnight.’ He says ‘I get a call that the set is trashed and Andy Dick told the producers that you guys did it.’ I was like ‘Fuck that motherfucker. Wow, like, won’t even take credit for his own wreaking havoc. That’s bullshit.’ It was total b.s; fucking went nuts, trashed a bunch of shit and figured ‘I’ll blame it on the metal guys and everyone will think they did it.'”

Frank: “And all we did was… Dave Foley had these great beers like, remember the refrigerator he kept opening it, and we just really sat in his dressing room a lot of the time and told stories. It was a lot of fun, but like, that never happened. That’s crazy, I never even knew where that came from.”

Scott: “That fucker. So our manager called back to the producer or whoever he was talking to and said, ‘It wasn’t my guys, you should check your guys.’ And they asked him about Andy Dick and the producer said oh yeah, that’s happened before. And then I would see [Andy Dick] around socially over the years, every couple of years seemingly I would bump into him somewhere, and he would have a good laugh about it.”

What do you make of this story? That sure is a dick move from Andy Dick! You can check out the full interview featuring the Anthrax members below.

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