Arch Enemy’s Alissa Feels Pandemic-Related Restrictions Were Not ‘Handled very well’

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During a recent appearance on Montreal Rocks, Arch Enemy singer Alissa White-Gluz shared how she felt pandemic-related restrictions have been handled. Around the start of the conversation, the interviewer asks what it was like for her to work on the band’s upcoming new album (Deceivers) over the course of the pandemic.

Regarding this, Alissa shared the following:

“I kind of split the two years on both sides of the Atlantic. So 2020 I was west of it; 2021 I was east of it. I mean, Canada was kind of the extreme opposite of Sweden, in a way. [Canada] had extremely strict restrictions — so strict that, at one point, the police refused to enforce it because even they thought it was ridiculous.

“In general, I’m a pretty chill person and I don’t really judge people on decisions that they make in times of stress because obviously nobody knows how to handle this; this is a brand new situation for everyone. I definitely don’t think that it was handled very well, but at the same time I don’t know what the right way to do it would have been.

“So I definitely enjoyed 2021 more than 2020. But we were all kind of stuck in the same boat.”

Do you agree with Alissa? Deceivers is the band’s 11th studio album, and the third record to feature Alissa as the band’s singer. In other news related to the Arch Enemy singer, Behemoth frontman Nergal recently gave her a shout out while talking about women’s rights. She also recently discussed how it is “super easy” for her to live her straight-edge and vegan lifestyle while on the road for touring. Alissa also happens to be in a heavy metal vampire movie.

Some months back, the Arch Enemy singer shared that she is worried about the future state of metal and live shows. To learn more about what she had to say and what she feels, follow the link below. You can also check out the full interview featuring Alissa below.

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