‘He’d jumped out of the car’: Alice Cooper Shares A wild Story Involving The Late Doors Singer Jim Morrison

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While reflecting on some friendships of his, Alice Cooper spoke to a wild incident that took place while hanging out with Jim Morrison back in the day.

Jim Morrison passed away in 1971 and is remembered to this day for the art he created while in the Doors. While talking about his relationship with the late Jim Morrison, Alice Cooper shared a story where the late Doors singer jumped out of a car! Cooper originally shared this story with the folks over at Classic Rock.

Per Cooper:

“You couldn’t help but get caught up in Jim’s mystique. He was always this ethereal type of person. I remember sitting down with Jim one time. He said: ‘So, what’s up, man?’ I replied: ‘Oh, I don’t know, man. I woke up this morning and got myself a beer.’ And that ended up being one of the lyrics in Roadhouse Blues by The Doors.

“We were in a car going up to Topanga Canyon. I was driving, and Jim and his girlfriend Pam [Courson] were in the back seat. It was all winding roads and everything. I looked back to say something to Jim, and he was gone. He’d jumped out of the car and fallen back down the hill, just for the hell of it. I stopped and yelled: ‘Jim?!’ And a voice came back from somewhere in the distance: ‘I’m alright… I’m okay.’ It was like something out of a Roadrunner cartoon.

“The fact that Jim lived until he was 27 was a miracle. I can see how his heart gave out. He’d walk into a room, there’d be a bowl full of pills – uppers, downers, acid, you name it – and he would gobble them down the way you and I would eat M&M’s. Then he’d wash them down with whisky. I never caught him sober. But then neither was I, so we were fine together.”

Jim Morrison is quite the icon when it comes to rock and roll. Are you a fan of the Doors?

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