Your Tool Shirt May Get You Hired

Your Tool Shirt May Get You Hired
Travis Shinn
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When it comes to the 9-5 grind, many folks would be very happy to arrive to work representing their favorite metal bands; so when this person arrived to their job interview with a Tool shirt on, they were super happy to experience the reaction of their interviewer.

Per the Tool subreddit, the Reddit user u/MariaKalash wrote about a recent job interview they attended; u/MariaKalash is a computer programmer (and it seems they applied to a role related to that kind of work). As they write in their initial post:

“I just got out of job interview. I’m wearing a tool tshirt tokay. After an hour of talking, the recruiter said : ‘I just have one Last question, what is favourite Tool song ? Because I’m a huge fan myself !’ I really want this new job now !”

That is such a nice experience where you can bond with fellow/potential co-workers over shared passions. In a lot of work cultures, one will find bosses and systems that really want to push people into wearing buttoned up shirts and khakis (even though that shit can be super uncomfortable); these types of dress codes are presented with the idea that one is too look “professional”; that said, we believe that it doesn’t matter so much what one wears to an office or place of work, as long as they can get the job done (unless an individual has a line of work that requires specific equipment). Speaking to the privilege of wearing a Tool shirt to an interview, u/MariaKalash replied at one point:

“Hehe ! I’m a programmer, it’s easier to wear whatever you want for an interview”

Per another one of their replies, u/MariaKalash shared what their response was to the interviewer’s question (regarding favorite Tool song):

“The answer was : it’s impossible to pick just one, but since i’ve seen them live Last month, i’m listening to 7empest everyday ! And i’m a programmer, i can wear band tshirt to work”

u/MariaKalash even shared that the the person interviewing them was wearing a Church of Misery shirt. But what’s also additionally cool to note is that u/MariaKalash in fact got the job! That’s super awesome to hear! Do you work somewhere that allows you to wear metal t-shirts?

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