Watch When Linkin Park Covered Deftones’ ‘My Own Summer (Shove It)’

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That pesky YouTube algorithm is really starting to get to know us and our tastes. 10 minutes on the platform can quickly turn in to 3 hours of a black hole vortex filled with sick metal videos of olden times, but… we digress.

The latest throwback video that we thought was worth highlighting for our loyal readers is the time that a tiny band called Linkin Park did a pretty ripping cover of a Deftones classic, ‘My Own Summer (Shove It).’

Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory released in 2000, a few years after Deftones dropped their second coveted full length, Around the Fur.

Linkin Park were clearly creatively inspired by the early burgeoning nu-metal sounds of Korn and Deftones that had been bubbling beneath the surface at the time of their inception.

It of course wouldn’t be long, though, before all of these bands and the nu-metal sound exploded in to the mainstream zeitgeist.

Linkin Park themselves arguably went on to achieve the most mainstream success of them all. To date, Hybrid Theory has sold an astounding 27 million copies.

It appears this particular video was captured on the Project Revolution Tour back in February, 2002.

Hat tip to Revolver for resurfacing this gem. What did you think? A pretty respectable cover of a timeless song, eh?

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Watch Linkin Park Cover Deftones: