When Joey Jordison Temporarily Joined Korn for the ‘Korn II’ Album Cycle

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On this day back in 2007, Korn released their 8th studio album- technically untitled, but later referred to as ‘Korn II.’

Now, zooming back a bit more to 2006, Korn were in a bit of a tight spot percussively as long-time drummer David Silveria was no longer part of the fold.

To make the album, the band hired drumming legend Terry Bozzio  and Brooks Wackerman (then drumming for Bad Religion but now behind the kit for Avenged Sevenfold).

Paid session drumming is all good and all, but then there’s the pesky task of having to get a real human drummer to then go and tour on the album.

And that’s where legend Joey Jordison enters the story. Despite being insanely busy with Slipknot, Joey somehow also found time to drum for Ministry, and for Korn.

While Joey technically didn’t play on the album track ‘Evolution’, he was tapped to play in the official music video (watch below). He then was brought on to help tour the album, playing big festival sets and the infamous Family Values tour.

Despite his insane talent, it seems like his style and speed didn’t instantly click with Korn at first. When asked if there were any challenges bringing Joey into the Korn fold, bassist Fieldy said:

“Tempos. Every night. I see that guy, I give him a hug and say play slow and powerful. Every single night. He’s just so fast with Slipknot.” Davis went on to add: His tempo’s just really really fast, that was the biggest thing, but now he’s got it down pretty good.”

Obviously, Joey quickly figured it out and went on to save the day for Korn repeatedly on their touring cycle before returning to his first love, Slipknot.

Watch Joey Jordison First Jam with Korn:

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Watch Joey Jordison Play in the Music Video for Korn’s Evolution:

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