Watch a Young, Pre-Fame Limp Bizkit Rip a Warped Tour ’97 Set

Watch a Young, Pre-Fame Limp Bizkit Rip a Warped Tour '97 Set
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Back in 1997, Limp Bizkit took part in Warped Tour, playing songs off their debut record Three Dollar Bill, Y’all. That album came out 25 years ago today (which is surreal to imagine for us metalheads who grew up in the ’90s). With the nu metal genre being a dominating force of music throughout the decade, Three Dollar Bill, Y’all is an underdog of sorts; while many point to the success of the debut Korn and Slipknot albums (as a couple examples), Limp Bizkit’s debut record did just as much to elevate the popularity of the genre. The record features some incredible gems from the band, such as cuts like their George Michael’s cover, “Faith.”

To celebrate this landmark anniversary of the debut Limp Bizkit album, we wanted to share some awesome fan-captured footage of the band’s Warped Tour performance. At a little over 28 minutes, you can check out the band performing on a small stage during the 1997 run of the music festival. It is wild to see Limp Bizkit playing songs off of Three Dollar Bill, Y’all back in the ’90s, given that they just wrapped up a tour this year celebrating their latest record, being that of 2021’s Still Sucks. You can find the fan-captured footage of Limp Bizkit’s Warped Tour performance below.

Limp Bizkit at 1997 Warped Tour

Did you pick up Three Dollar Bill, Y’all when it first came out 25 years ago? What does this record mean to you? Do you feel it deserves more love? Speaking of Limp Bizkit, have you checked out this brilliant mashup that features someone covering The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song to the style of the band? The band’s recent Still Sucks tour also had a plethora of awesome moments; you can find links that include footage of a couple of their live performances below.

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