Watch: Vocalist Corey Taylor Plays With A Fan’s Bra On Stage Because… Why Not?

Vocalist Corey Taylor Plays With A Bra On Stage During A Live Show
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During one of the band’s recent shows, a fan threw their bra onto the stage where Slipknot were performing – coming across this bra, vocalist Corey Taylor decided to play with it. It was a pretty goofy moment, with Taylor picking the fan’s bra up and putting it on his head (all while offering some playful commentary).

You can find video footage of Slipknot vocalist Corey Taylor playing around with the fan’s bra below.

If you have been to Slipknot concert, what are some wild things that you’ve seen take place? Did you happen to catch that recent footage of a fan who charged the stage during a live Slipknot show and played drums right next to Shawn “Clown” Crahan? That shit was wild.

We also recently wrote about an incredibly bad ass show the band put on back in 1999 (the band’s performance was truly unhinged). We also wrote about how, back in the ’90s, Slipknot teamed up with fellow nu metal brethren Korn for a cover. We also recently ranked all the current Slipknot albums from worst to best. You can find a link to the full album ranking below, but we have also included an excerpt from that ranking; specifically, here is what we had to say about the Slipknot album we ranked as number four: All Hope Is Gone.

“A big testament to Slipknot’s greater artistry is that of All Hope Is Gone. This record marks the last studio album that the late Paul Gray would take part in creating. On All Hope Is Gone, Slipknot take much of the slower, moodier elements heard on The Subliminal Verses and create a truly intriguing and fascinating work of emotional atmosphere. There are still several moments of aggressive cuts, but this album represents what more the band are capable in creating. In a lot of ways, The Subliminal Verses feels like a “radio heavy” sort of safe – whereas All Hope Is Gone is a more daring kind of heavy for a mainstream heavy metal band like Slipknot.”

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