Upcoming Video Game ‘Exit Veil’ Is Like Being Inside A ‘Tool Music Video’

Upcoming Video Game 'Exit Veil' Is Like Being Inside A 'Tool Music Video'
Cherrymochi Game Studio (Kickstarter)
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Exit Veil is an upcoming video game (currently on Kickstarter) that is inspired by the likes of Bloodbourne, Final Fantasy, Eternal Darkness, and the alternative metal act Tool. Per the game’s Kickstarter page:

“From the creators of Tokyo Dark, EXIT VEIL is an occult-themed JRPG with a fully integrated tarot deck currently in development for PC and consoles. We’ve taken all we love about the very best JRPGs – deep twisting stories, conflicted characters struggling to find their truth, strategic turn-based combat – and added our own magical spice.

“EXIT VEIL explores healing. Both thematically and in its gameplay. Borrowing from MMO healing classes EXIT VEIL’s innovative turn-based combat will push players to clinch victory from the precipice of certain defeat.”

During a recent interview with Loudwire, Imazato (who is responsible for the game’s art and design) shared how Exit Veil was very much inspired by the band Tool. When asked what inspired them to create a game based off Tool, Imazato shared the following:

“Tool music videos have been a constant source of inspiration. When Adam Jones started exploring the visual potential of Tool’s music with Alex Grey during the Lateralus period, I was blown away. That album and its accompanying visuals are a huge inspiration to my life in general.

“In 2001 when the album was released, I was deep into a psychedelic period, reading Terrance McKenna and Timothy Leary. Grant Morrison had recently wrapped up The Invisibles. He shared his Chaos Magick practice in his Disinfocon2000 howl, Alan Moore was midway through his blending of esoteric Kabbalah and Tarot study in his comic Promethea and the towers had fallen in America. 2001 left an impact on us all. Exit Veil is all this combined. A study of the occult and healing, wrapped up in a video game.”

From the footage and artwork alone, Exit Veil looks incredibly fascinating. We will easily be Kickstarting this project. You can learn more about the video game (and check out its Tool-inspired visuals) by visiting its Kickstarter page. What are your thoughts on Exit Veil?