‘It was pretty iconic’: Tye Trujillo Talks About His Guitar Contribution To Stranger Things

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Tye Trujillo, the son of Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo, has been getting a lot of attention lately for his contribution to Stranger Things. When it comes to that epic scene in the show where Eddie Munson performs “Master of Puppets” – while actor Joe Quinn is certainly playing a good chunk of the song, a portion of that performance comes from Tye Trujillo.

Trujillo was recently interviewed by the YouTube channel Little Punk People and was asked about his experience with Stranger Things and performing “Master of Puppets.” The interviewer asks Tye what it was like to hear his guitar playing in one of the most iconic moments of the show. Per Trujillo:

“It was pretty iconic. The show, from what I know, is an iconic show. It’s been around for a few years and it’s probably the biggest show right now. So it feels good to have some guitar on that show and also have “Master Of Puppets” on that show as well.”

Tye continues:

“We just tracked it at the studio with my dad’s buddy and my buddy Steve Ogan; he has a nice studio. So we just went over there [and] we just tracked it out, hammered it out. And it ended up sounding really good, turning out really well. It actually had a better turnout than I expected. So I’m really glad that everything ended up really good with that.”

Many people have been blown away by the “Master of Puppets scene” in Stranger Things (congratulations again on this awesome achievement Tye). You can check out the full video interview featuring Tye Trujillo below. You will also find several other stories related to both Stranger Things and Metallica, such as Joe Quinn practicing “Master of Puppets,” Metallica calling out a gatekeeping comment, and how the actor who plays Vecna listened to a lot of black metal to get into character.

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