Throwback: Watch a Young Pantera & Kerry King Destroy ‘Raining Blood’ Together Live in ’89, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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The metal world was a very different place back in 1989. Pantera had yet to unleash ‘Cowboys from Hell’ on to the masses, ‘Rust in Peace’ didn’t yet exist, and Kerry King still had… hair.

The video below from May 20, 1989 is pretty special for a few reasons, but perhaps what’s coolest about it is that it’s a historical time capsule for when Pantera really first began their ascension to full on heavy juggernauts.

Remember, they had a few full lengths under their belts at this point in time but none of them were heavy until they kicked the door open soon after this video with the ‘Cowboys from Hell’ album.

Judging by the setlist below, the show consisted of some soon-to-be-released CFH tracks, a Judas Priest cover, a SECOND Slayer cover, and more:

  • Over and Out
  • Psycho Holiday
  • Heresy
  • We’ll Meet Again
  • Domination
  • Raining Blood
  • South of Heaven
  • Power Metal
  • Metal Gods (Judas priest cover)
  • Death Trap

According to Pantera’s official show archives, it appears that this particular gig might’ve actually taken place on May 19, 1989 (a day before the YouTuber notates). And it looks to have been at a club called Joe’s Garage in Forth Worth, Texas.

The actual cover of ‘Raining Blood’ doesn’t kick in until around the 2:20 mark, but it’s worth hanging in for the pre-song banter about Andrew Dice Clay and more.

Plus, Kerry played a BUNCH of songs with the band during this set. You can find a few more beyond what’s embedded below HERE on YouTube.

If you’re wondering what Phil ‘The Kid’ Anselmo has been up to as of late, we spoke with him a few times recently about the anniversary of their seminal ‘Vulgar Display of Power’ record. He told us some pretty fun stories about the making of the record, how he thinks Dime and Vince would look back on Pantera’s legacy now, and much more. Time flies and that record somehow turned a whopping 30 years old this year.

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