Watch: This Iron Maiden Branded Train Is Awesome AF!

Iron Maiden tåget - Iron Maiden Train 666 - MTRX X74 motorvagn i Göteborg - Juli 2022 - Trainspotting in Sweden, YouTube
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You have heard of Iron Maiden action figures, t-shirts, posters, beer, and even an airplane… but have you ever seen an Iron Maiden train? Located in Sweden, there is the “Train 666” – an Iron Maiden branded train that makes for the perfect metalhead vehicle.

As reported by Metal Hammer, as a means to celebrate the band’s arrival to Gothenburg, Swedish train operator MTRX provided metalheads the Train 666. This Maiden train is not only fashioned with Maiden posters, but also offers Iron Maiden merch and the band’s beer!

Also, the train has apparently been such a hit that it is still running! You can find photos and video of the Maiden train below. Per a caption associated with an Instagram post from the band’s account, they wrote the following about Train 666:

“All aboard Train 666 bound for Gothenburg! Or shall we say… Hallowed Be Thy Train? Okay, Maiden train puns: go!”


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We would love to take a ride on Train 666! Imagine heading to an epic heavy metal festival in this ride!

In other band related news, we recently shared a video that features the most die-hard Maiden fan we have ever seen. Band frontman Bruce Dickinson has also been getting some extra attention lately, given how he lashed out at a fan who lit a flare during one of the band’s shows. Band mascot Eddie also recently appeared in an X-Men comic book as well!

Iron Maiden will eventually be making their way to North America as part of their Legacy Of The Beast World Tour. To learn more about where the band will be playing, follow this link here. The first stop on their North American run will be in El Paso, Texas on September 11th; the last show of their North American run will be in Tampa, Florida on October 27th.

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