Watch: The Late Joey Jordison Once Added His Own Blood To His Signature Drum Sticks

Joey Adds His Blood To His Sticks - Slipknot, YouTube
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It has been a whole year since Joey Jordison has passed away. Along with being one of the founding members of Slipknot, a guitarist in Murderdolls, founding the band Scar the Martyr, and playing in several other bands – Joey Jordison was one of the most talented musicians in all of metal history.

He was an incredible force of creativity, always displaying a drive to create art, and always expressing a passion and interest in the art that surrounded him. But tragically, on  July 26th, 2021, at the age of 46, Jordison passed away. Jordison’s death devastated the heavy metal community, for he was truly one of the brightest, most gifted, and loving human beings around.

Many musicians have spoken to the mark that Jordison left on them; such folks are that of Slipknot singer Corey Taylor, along with Murderdolls singer Wednesday 13 (who, earlier this year, spoke to the last conversation he ever had with Joey). Joey will always be remembered; all the good he brought into the world of metal and music will continue to live on and inspire countless other musicians.

To honor the life and legacy of Joey Jordison, we wanted to share a really bad ass video of the Slipknot drummer that we came across. Back in 2009, Joey made his way to Pro-Mark (a drum stick company), and took part in a pretty metal project.

While at Pro-Mark, Joey had his blood drawn and then had said blood added to his signature drum sticks! These signature sticks are no longer available to purchase on the Pro-Mark website, but the site has provided a description of these drum sticks:

“Designed by drummer Joey Jordison, the TX515W features a classic 5A diameter — perfect for drumming of any style — and is is based on the popular 777 design, but is slightly shorter in length. Built for fast rebound and great articulation, the TX515W sports a slim neck and a full round bead. Adding a new spin on signature models, the ‘blood red ink’ contains Joey’s actual blood! Not only can you own a stick with Joey’s signature, you can own a piece of Joey himself with the TX515W!”

Below you can find the video that features Joey getting his blood drawn and stirring said blood into the ink that would end up being added to his sticks. We have also included links to other Joey related stories below. We love and miss you Joey <3 Thank you for all you’ve done for this community, and we hope you are at peace.

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