‘Maybe I agree with the fans’: The Darkness Singer Questions Pantera Tour News

Phil Anselmo: Llann Wé², CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikipedia / Justin Hawkins: Is It Completely Disrespectful Of Them To Do This?! - Justin Hawkins Ride Again, YouTube
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Via his YouTube channel, The Darkness singer, Justin Hawkins, has decided to weigh in on the recent news concerning the 2023 Pantera shows. Specifically, Hawkins speaks to this tour taking place without the late Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul. Below we have included an excerpt of what Hawkins has to say.

(It’s worth noting that Hawkins is responding to a news piece pertaining to this Pantera reunion/tribute. Hawkins is specifically responding to Heavi‘s reporting of this news. He will play clips of this news announcement, and then share his thoughts).

The Darkness singer talks Pantera tour

“What is the problem here? It’s Pantera, isn’t it? It’s the surviving members of Pantera. I know that two of the most iconic people in that type of metal are no longer with us, so they can’t do it. So I think what the fans are saying… Pantera should be allowed to rest in peace now. And actually, there’s something about that that makes sense. Maybe they should call it something else. Maybe it should be called ‘The surviving members of Pantera featuring’ and then say Zakk Wylde and the other guy. Or maybe just don’t do it. I don’t know. I’m just playing devil’s advocate here.

“I can understand the conundrum, because on one level, it’s their right; it was their band. Why wouldn’t you go out and just do that? But at the same time, there’s something about the legacy of Pantera; this is one of those bands where that actually matters, I think. So maybe they should call it something else. I’m not suggesting they shouldn’t do it. I always think about Queen in this instance. Why shouldn’t Brian May and Roger Taylor go and play those songs as Queen featuring Adam Lambert or Paul Rodgers or whoever it happens to be. Of course they should do that. Why would you begrudge somebody the opportunity to go and play their own songs as their own band under those really awful circumstances where the people that you’d like to be performing and see performing just are no longer with us.”

At this point, the news piece that Hawkins is responding too brings up how a Pantera reunion had been mentioned in the past, but that the late Vinnie Paul was not on good speaking terms with Phil Anselmo; the news report shares that Paul held resent towards Anselmo, partially blaming him for Dimebag’s death. To this, Hawkins says the following:

“Ah ha, now here’s the issue. So Vinnie Paul harbored some resent towards Anselmo, because he considered him to be partially responsible for Dimebag Darrell’s death. This is not as broad a question as I thought it was – this is actually about the dynamics of the band itself – it’s a question of respect at this point. It feels like… a tribute to a band that was fractured and suffered so much tragedy… and there’s all the resent and blame and guilt. Maybe it’s just something that should be left alone; actually, maybe I agree with the fans.”

What do you think – should Phil Anselmo and company not call themselves “Pantera” on these upcoming shows? Where do you stand regarding the upcoming Pantera 2023 shows? You can find the full video featuring The Darkness’ Justin Hawkins below (as well as other Pantera related stories).

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