Listen: Stranger Things Vecna Actor Jamie Campbell-Bower Was In A Hard Rock Band

Stranger Things Vecna Actor Jamie Campbell-Bower Was In A Hard Rock Band
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Stranger Things actor Jamie Campbell-Bower, who plays the show’s big bad Vecna, recently shared that he listened to black metal bands to get into his character. When talking about the genre, Campbell-Bower mentions several black metal acts by name. While it really surprised us to learn that the  Stranger Things actor enjoys black metal, we also recently found out another interesting fact about Jamie Campbell-Bower.

Thanks to one of our readers, we actually came across a really neat discovery involving the Stranger Things actor – being that he used to be the frontman of a hard rock/punk band! Per the band’s Wikipedia, Jamie Campbell-Bower was part of a band called Counterfeit – a hard rock, hardcore punk act. During the time they were active (the band dissolved in 2020), they released three EPs and one studio album (the latter being titled Together We Are Stronger).

We have included a few songs below for you to check out (so you can get a vibe for Counterfeit’s music). Needless to say, we were super intrigued that the great evil Vecna is also a killer guitar player (and has one hell of a singing voice/scream). Let us know what you think of these songs from Counterfeit.

In a past interview with EMP, Jamie Campbell-Bower spoke to a wild story that took place on the road while the band were touring; as transcribed by The Pit, Campbell-Bower shared the following:

“There’s been a few kind of crazy ones that have happened. We had a girl once that came to a show and said that she brought a gun – yeah it was really weird. […] She turned up and was trying to get backstage; and our tour manager comes over to me – our tour manager is like our dearest friend, I’ve known him for years. He’s like, ‘There’s somebody outside, they are here to see you.”

To learn what happens next in this story, check out the video interview below.

Stranger Things has been getting a lot of heavy metal love lately. Joe Quinn (who plays the character Eddie Munson) wears an authentic Dio jacket (which came from Ronnie James Dio‘s personal estate), and he even shows Iron Maiden some love within the show. There is also the major Metallica song cameo that appears, with Eddie playing the band’s legendary tune “Master of Puppets.”

With Stranger Things being such a beloved and widely watched show, “Master of Puppets” has recently gone super viral. Metallica even provided a recent statement regarding this viral success (and spoke to how much they enjoyed being part of the Netflix show). Maybe in season five, Stranger Things will have even more heavy metal love.

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