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It was only a matter of time before Stranger Things actor Joe Quinn and thrash legends Metallica came face to face. Thanks to Quinn’s performance of “Master of Puppets” in the latest season of Stranger Things, there has been a tremendous influx of new music listeners checking out Metallica.

You may have heard how the band paid tribute to Eddie Munson during their Lollapalooza set (Eddie Munson is the character that Joe Quinn plays) – so it must have been a great surprise to the band to bump into Quinn.

In a video uploaded to the Metallica Facebook account, you will find footage of Joe Quinn meeting and chilling with Metallica. In a brief conversation that takes place, Joe asks the band if they are fans of the show, to which James Hetfield shares he is, and that it has made for a great bonding experience with his sons to watch the show.

While that is a pretty wholesome conversation, what is really bad ass is when the band decide to jam “Master of Puppets” with Joe Quinn! You can see Lars Ulrich on the drums and Robert Trujillo on bass, while Quinn, Hetfield, and Kirk Hammett rock out on guitar. The band even gift Joe a guitar! You can check out this footage for yourself below!

It looks like Joe and the band had an awesome time! It’s great to see how much extra love Metallica have been getting thanks to Stranger Things. The other day, we shared an interview that Lars Ulrich took part in where he was talking about the upswing in popularity “Master of Puppets” has been experiencing. In other band related news, Kirk Hammett recently spoke about creating horror movie soundtracks (and a particular recent horror movie that really stands out to him). The band also recently released an animated music video for “Master of Puppets” as well.

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