Stranger Things Creators Announce New Project Based On Stephen King Story And Stranger Things Spin-Offs

Stranger Things Creators Announce Stephen King Related Project
Pinguino Kolb, CC BY 2.0, Wikipedia / Netflix
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As reported by Variety, the Duffer Brothers (the creators behind Stranger Things), have recently announce spin-offs associated with the Netflix show (as well as a Stephen King related project). The Duffer Brothers (Matt and Ross) announced a new production company called Upside Down Pictures (a nod to “The Upside Down” in Stranger Things).

There are no official details at this time regarding the plot of this Stranger Things spin-off (but given how awesome the Netflix horror/sci-fi show is, we are confident in what the brothers will come up with). Along with this spin-off series, the brothers are also working on a stage play based in the world of the show.

Ted Sarandos, co-CEO and chief content officer of Netflix, shared the following:

“Matt and Ross are an exceptionally unique talent with a vision so crisp and clear. They are all about the details — it’s no accident that ‘Stranger Things’ has pierced the zeitgeist to become the epic pop culture phenomenon it is today. We’re excited to continue telling new stories with them as they grow Upside Down Pictures and to welcome Hilary as creative partner.”

The brothers are also working on an adaptation of the Stephen King and Peter Straub novel The Talisman. This adaption will be a series, and when it comes to Stephen King related anything, we are always on board. Fun side note, but when we interviewed horror director and composer John Carpenter earlier this year, he had some lovely things to say about Stephen King. Carpenter worked on the soundtrack for the latest Firestarter remake (which is based off King’s novel of the same name).

How excited are you for multiple Stranger Things spin-offs and this new Stephen King project? Seems like the future is going to be pretty awesome for horror fans! Below you will find several links to other stories pertaining to the Netflix show.

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