Watch: Stranger Things’ Eddie Munson Performs The Metallica Song ‘Master of Puppets’ In Season 4 Finale

Stranger Things' Character Performs A Metallica Song In Season 4 Finale
Stranger Things: Netflix/ Master of Puppets: Metallica, Peter Mensch (cover concept), Don Brautigam (cover illustration), Elektra (label)
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Given that Stranger Things is full of ‘80s pop culture references, it was only a matter of time before a Metallica song made its way into the show. For those of you watching season four of the Netflix show, you may have come across a scene recently that involves the character Eddie Munson playing a Metallica song – that song being “Master of Puppets.”

The song makes an appearance towards the end of the season four finale. There’s a whole lot going on in this scene – besides Eddie performing the Metallica song. There are monsters, red lightning – lots of cool sci-fi horror. You can check out the scene where Eddie Munson plays “Master of Puppets” below. Also, spoiler warning!

Stranger Things features Metallica song

That is super bad ass! We love to hear a Metallica track being featured in Stranger Things. If you have been watching the new season, what are your thoughts on it?

In other Stranger Things related news, the widow of the late Ronnie James Dio, Wendy Dio, spoke to how the Stranger Things team acquired the special Dio jacket that Eddie Munson wears in the show; this jacket is a personal piece of clothing from Ronnie’s estate. The actor who plays Eddie (Joe Quinn) has also spoken to how he listened to a lot of heavy metal to prepare himself for his role.

In other Metallica related news, band guitarist Kirk Hammett recently shared that an infamous serial killer was a big fan of the band. He also spoke about inviting Nirvana to open for the band on one of their tours, but how the late Kurt Cobain turned them down. The guitarist also spoke to why he is “afraid” to listen to the band’s collaborative record with Lou Reed, Lulu. To learn more about each of these stories, follow their respective links below.

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