Watch: Stranger Things Cast Reacts To Joe Quinn Playing ‘Master of Puppets’

Stranger Things Cast Reacts To Joe Quinn Playing Master of Puppets
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During a behind-the-scenes conversation, Stranger Things cast members Joe Keery and Maya Hawke got to check out the scene where Joe Quinn performs Metallica‘s “Master of Puppets.” Per this behind-the-scenes footage, our assumption is that this is the first time that the fellow Stranger Things cast members are seeing this bad ass moment.

Interviewing the Stranger Things cast is that of Felicia Day, who goes on to ask Joe Quinn (who plays Eddie Munson) about his guitar performance. She then gestures to the group to check out that awesome scene, and Quinn’s co-stars are stunned to say the least. In particular, Hawke is really blown away by Quinn’s performance. It is adorable and cool to witness both Keery and Hawke’s reactions to Joe’s guitar playing, for Joe and Maya are also musicians. Keery used to be part of a rock band called Post Animal, and Hawke creates indie folk rock music.

Below you will find the video where Joe Keery and Maya Hawke react to Joe Quinn’s “Metallica moment.”

When it comes to other Stranger Things cast members and music, Jamie Campbell-Bower, who plays the show’s big bad Vecna, used to once be in a band. The actor was part of a band called Counterfeit – a hard rock, hardcore punk act. During the time they were active (the band dissolved in 2020), they released three EPs and one studio album (the latter being titled Together We Are Stronger).

Earlier today, we shared a video that features Joe Quinn practicing Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” on guitar. And while Joe has really helped Metallica get a lot more attention lately, he also helped to provide a really cool shout out to Iron Maiden as well. In fact, there are a lot of incredible heavy metal Easter eggs that appear throughout season four of Stranger Things – maybe there will be even more heavy metal awesomeness in season five.

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