Breaking: Some Folks Are Just Now Realizing That RATM Is A Leftist Political Band

Some Folks Are Just Now Realizing That RATM Is A Leftist Political Band
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Roughly three decades ago, the American rock band Rage Against the Machine (RATM) was formed. Since that formation, the band have gone on to release four studio albums, each containing a plethora of aggressive and politically charged songs that are super left leaning. And for many of the fans who grew up listening to the band’s music – they are now just learning what RATM’s music is all about.

If you search for “Rage Against the Machine” on Twitter, you are going to find some comments regarding folks being turned off my the band’s leftist beliefs. As of the band’s current tour (prior to this tour, the band had not performed live in over a decade), they have been super vocal about abortion and reproductive rights. Below you will find an Instagram post from Ministry, praising the band for using their platform to speak about the subject. RATM and their fan base even raised $500k for reproductive rights!


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It’s surreal to hear how folks who have been supposedly following the band for years are only now discovering that RATM are quite left when it comes to their politics. Below we have included several social media posts/comments that involve people talking about this “recent discovery.” What do you make of people just learning now that Rage Against the Machine is a political band?

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