Watch: Sid Wilson Displays Decapitated Robot Head That Sings Along To Slipknot Songs

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Among the several members who ended up getting an update to their signature mask, Slipknot DJ Sid Wilson has really gone above and beyond with his whole attire. Along with a brand new mask, Wilson has also displayed a mechanical arm – which you can see in the newest Slipknot music video, “The Dying Song (Time To Sing).”

But that is not all, for the Slipknot turntablist has also included a decapitated head as part of his whole look.

This decapitated robot head is designed to look like Wilson’s past Slipknot mask. In a new post via the Slipknot Instagram account, you can see this head chill alongside Sid Wilson as he is performing a live show – but get this – the head sings along to the band’s music! How cool and fucking eerie is that?!

Per this new post, the footage features the decapitated Sid Wilson robot head mouthing along to Slipknot’s “The Chapeltown Rag.” Said video can be found directly below.


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How cool is that?! The creativity behind Slipknot’s masks and attire is truly fascinating. What do you make of Sid Wilson’s new mask and look?

Back in March, we shared a story involving that of the new Corey Taylor Slipknot mask; specifically, Taylor spoke to how his new mask was created by a fan. You can find the link to the full story below, but this is partially what Taylor had to say about his new Slipknot mask:

“My new [mask is] pretty rad. I really sat down and tried to figure out… I worked with a guy named Conor Deless. He’s a young kid; he’s actually a fan. And I can remember laying out traits that I wanted to see and a lot of the stuff that inspired him. And when he sent me the preliminary sculpt — he didn’t even sketch it out; he sent me a tiny sculpt — and it was so killer that I was, like, ‘Yes. That’s it.’ I mean, he nailed it so quickly that I’d never… I’ve always had to go back and forth and do a bunch of tiny manipulations and changes and stuff, but he was so dialed in and he immediately got it that we were just, like, ‘All right. Let’s do this, man.’ He drove in, did a mold of my head, and the rest is history.”

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