Watch: Serj Tankian + John Dolmayan Of SOAD Jam ‘Aerials’ With A Cover Band In Mexico

Serj Tankian + John Dolmayan Of SOAD Jam 'Aerials' With A Cover Band
System of a Down's Serj Tankian & John Dolmayan performing Aerials with a street band (2022) - Victims Of A Down, YouTube
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During a recent trip to Mexico, System of a Down (SOAD) members Serj Tankian and John Dolmayan performed with a cover band right in the middle of public. The rock covers band, Medium, was performing on a street in Mexico, and when Serj and John caught a glimpse of the band covering System of a Down’s “Aerials” – the two wanted to get involved. Of course John is on the drums, with Serj stepping in to provide vocals. You can find video of their public performance below.

In other SOAD related news, John Dolmayan recently talked about the possibility of the band making a new album. Among the multiple comments he made, John shared:

“I never wanted System to take a hiatus. I think it was a disastrous move for us because we never reached our peak. I still feel like we have a lot of music in us, and as big as the band is – we’re a massive draw internationally and here in the U.S. – I think we could have been the biggest band in the world. Why not achieve that if you have the potential. So I feel like – yes, System is a great band, we have a great live show and I’m very proud of what we have achieved, but we got to here [points to a spot]. and we could have gotten to here [points to another spot further away]. It doesn’t mean we still can’t, but it’s unlikely because if you can’t put your ego aside… You’ve gotta take that cloak off, your ego, and put it here, and get in a room and work together, and do what’s best for the band.”

To learn more about this story, and everything else John Dolmayan had to say – follow the link below. You will also find other SOAD related stories.

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