Interview: Rob Halford Shares Which Two Non-Metal Acts He Wants To Collab With

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We recently got to talk with Judas Priest singer Rob Halford and had an epic conversation! In fact, it was so epic that we broke the conversation up into three parts!

In part one of our interview with Rob, we talked about the band’s 1982 album Screaming for Vengeance (which celebrated its 40th anniversary this past Sunday); in part two, we talked about heavy metal gatekeeping, Stranger Things, and what songs Rob thinks would work best in the show.

For the third and final part of our conversation, we asked Rob which non-metal artists he would like to collaborate with (whether it was him or Judas Priest collaborating with said artists). The Metal God provided two answers – and said answers involve two very interesting acts. So without further ado, you can find out who those two acts are below!

The Pit: So we have heard that you are a big Lady Gaga fan, and this brought a question to mind – whether it was just you or Judas Priest as a whole – What are some artists from outside the world of heavy metal you would love to collaborate with? 

Rob Halford: Um, I’d go even further and do something like with Perfume Genius.  

The Pit: Oh that’s a cool choice!

RH: Why not just go, you know, to the unexpected. Wanna do something like that or, oh God, my mind’s gone blank. The guy that wears the cowboy hat with the fringes on the front. Can’t think.

The Pit: Do you mean Orville Peck?

RH: Yes, Orville Peck! Yeah, so that’s where I’m inclined to go. You know, for the guys and then for the girls, and then – that was a horrible thing to say. “Guys and girls.” ‘Cause none of that is in my mind, we’re just people, we’re just musicians.

Those two people just immediately came into my head. [For a collaboration, I would like to] think outside the box, left field – just do something completely unexpected. Because musicians, and I think this is an absolute, but it doesn’t matter when musicians get in a room. You could have a classical musician, a metalhead, soul, rap, R&B, or jazz artist, anything. When we’re in the room together, we connect because of the love of the music that we make as an artistic style of expression. Yes, who knows what could happen. 

We at The Pit would like to thank Rob Halford for his time in talking with us! Below you will find links to our two previous articles involving our conversation with Rob Halford.

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