‘[…] No poser will be safe.’: Reddit User Calls Out ‘Poser Maggots’ On Slipknot And Metal Reddit

Reddit User Calls Out 'Poser Maggots' On Slipknot And Metal Reddit
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Looks like there is some drama going down over on Slipknot and Metal Reddit, for one user has taken to calling out the “poser maggots.” For those who are not aware, the term “maggots” is what the Slipknot fandom goes by. Users over on the Slipknot Reddit page have found themselves getting banned for posting on the Metal Meme Reddit page. Per our understanding, it seems a lot of folks may have been posting Slipknot related memes on the main metal page, and this apparently has upset a user. The user calls out “low effort memes” pertaining to the band.

Per this user’s post on the Metal Meme Reddit page (said post is titled, “a new era of Tyranny shall come over r/metalmemes”):

“We’ve had no blacklist for a long time and this subreddit has been pretty close to complete anarchy. This allowed the posers to thrive and think they’re safe here. But this will change today as from now on the rivers of r/metalmemes will flow with poser tears again. The blacklist will be enforced again and no poser will be safe. To start our new Poser Purge we have decided to ban all active users of r/Slipknot. This will mean the banning of 2670 posers. These Posers have been infecting our subreddit for way too long, a purge was inevitable.

“In the last few weeks, this subreddit was full of low effort memes, a lot of them being slipknot memes, so we will get rid of them to achieve more high quality memes. I’m sure this will be a great start to get this subreddit in a better place again. Of course this will not affect you if you only participated in this subreddit for a few times, only if you were an active member you will get the hammer. But as a King, I will of course need servants to help oppress the poser maggots, so mod applications are open. Because of problems with the link, the mod applications will be in a different post”

As far as a reaction to folks posting memes, this seems a tad… intense. If you take a look at the Metal Meme Reddit page, you will find several memes and posts involving Slipknot, gatekeeping, and posers. What do you make of folks posting a bunch of Slipknot related memes on the main Metal Meme Reddit page?

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