Watch: This Is What Rage Against the Machine’s ‘Bulls On Parade’ Would Sound Like If Meshuggah Created The Song

RATM's Bulls On Parade Performed In The Style Of Meshuggah
Aimée Macauley & Rage Against the Machine (art direction), Epic (label) / Lykantrop, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons
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Rage Against the Machine and Meshuggah are incredible acts within the world of music – so when we heard that someone had recreated a RATM song in the style of Meshuggah, we instantly were excited to check it out. YouTube user TrashDrummerHan is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who has uploaded a plethora of various heavy performances to his channel. In the description associated with his latest video, TrashDrummerHan writes:

“I love these two bands dearly. So why not blend them together? This is what I imagine the RATM classic might sound like through the musical lense of Meshuggah. Hope you enjoy the song as much as I enjoyed making it.”

This remix of the classic Rage Against the Machine song is djent as fuck and offers a heightened industrial edge to the track’s aggressive flow. You can check out TrashDrummerHan’s remix of Rage Against the Machine’s “Bulls On Parade” below:

“Bulls On Parade” is easily one of the biggest hits to come from RATM; it is part of the band’s 1996 sophomore record, Evil Empire. What are your thoughts on this remix? Do you think the added industrial and djent tone bring a welcome kick to the classic song? Or do you think the original is better?

When it comes to other Meshuggah related news, did you hear about the producer who “pimped up” the band’s song “Bleed”? She turned the track into an epic symphonic metal cut. Comedian Bill Burr was on a podcast recently and talked about seeing the band live; he also mentioned that he saw Tool drummer Danny Carey at the same show, and how Carey was blown away by Meshuggah’s performance. Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to interview that of Meshuggah drummer Tomas Haake. Below, we have included a link to our full interview with the Meshuggah drummer.

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