Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe Releases Documentary Regarding His Work To Protect Nature In Ecuador

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Lamb Of God singer Randy Blythe is an all around awesome human being who cares very much to promote good in the world. One cause that is very important to Blythe is that of the environment; in the past, Randy has been vocal about his concerns regarding the environment (and the danger that our planet is in). So, unbeknownst to many, Blythe has been part of a special project, doing what he can to give back to nature and protect it.

Via his Instagram account, Blythe has released a short documentary regarding some environmental work that he has been involved in. Per this documentary, Blythe talks about a friend he made while surfing a couple years ago, and how this friend and him have discussed various environmental issues. Among those issues is how Ecuador’s jungles have been in danger.

Blythe is on a platform called Cameo – in short, Cameo is a service where people can pay celebrities to send personal video messages. So, Blythe decided to take the funds he has made from Cameo, and invest those funds into some land in Ecuador. Along with planting various seeds in this area, the land is ultimately meant to be left untouched – allowing the plant life to bloom and grow. Via the caption associated with this documentary, Randy Blythe wrote the following:

“I made this short film as a thank you to all the folks who have paid me to sing them goofy happy birthday songs, wish their spouse happy anniversary, & sometimes viciously roast their friends. If you have a bought a @cameo from me, this is what I have spent your money on- if you get one in the future, this is what your money will go towards. Thanks for the support. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

“CAMEO: @drandallblythe”

This is an incredible and heartwarming move that highlights the wonderful heart that Randy Blythe has. You can check out his documentary directly below.


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