‘Now, I think it’s sweet’: Producer Ross Robinson Embraces Being Called ‘The Godfather Of Nu Metal’

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Ross Robinson is one of the most iconic producers in all of music – and he is “The Godfather of Nu Metal.” In the latest issue of Metal Hammer, Robinson spoke to his work in the nu metal genre; just to give you a brief idea of what Ross Robinson has done, he has worked on the following records: the debut Korn album, Adrenaline (by the Deftones), The Burning Red (by Machine Head), Three Dollar Bill, Y’all (by Limp Bizkit), and many, many more.

At one point though, Robinson did strive to distance himself from the genre; that said, he now embraces the title of “Godfather of Nu Metal.” He tells Metal Hammer:

“I was extremely resistant to it when they started doing it during the Glassjaw days [the New York post-hardcore band he began working with in 2000]. I didn’t wanna be lumped in with all of the followers and the scene of silliness that happened afterwards, and I had a problem with that. Now, I think it’s sweet. If people wanna call me that, good.”

Among the variety of topics discussed, Robinson shared a really funny story that took place around the time he was working on Slipknot‘s 1999 debut album.

“There was a time where skunks were coming around Indigo [Ranch, Robinson’s studio], ’cos it was up in the mountains in Malibu, and I told Mick [Thomson, guitar], ‘Dude, if you catch one of those skunks, and give it a death growl right in its face, I’ll give you two hundred bucks.’ He stripped all the way down to his black bikini briefs, he looked like [something out of] Metalocalypse, looking for this skunk underneath a trailer that they’d hang out in, but he never got it. He turned out OK, he got plenty of money…”

While Ross Robinson continues to work to this day, he is responsible for helping to shape so many amazing nu metal albums from the ’90s and early 2000s. What is your favorite nu metal record?

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