Watch: Producer Creates Symphonic Remix Of Meshuggah Song ‘Bleed’ And It Sounds Ridiculously Epic

Producer Creates Symphonic Metal Remix Of Meshuggah Song Bleed
Lykantrop, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons/ MESHUGGAH Pimped Up 🔥 If they were symphonic metal... - Misstiq, YouTube
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If we had to pick a favorite Meshuggah song, it would probably be that of “Bleed” (off their studio album Obzen). “Bleed” is a classic Meshuggah gem – so when we heard that there was a “pimped up” symphonic metal remix of the track – we immediately checked it out. While we expected something interesting, we actually discovered something really impressive.

This “pimped up” symphonic metal remix of the Meshuggah song comes from the producer Misstiq; per Misstiq’s YouTube channel, she seems to work a lot within the genres of metal and electronic music. Her latest video features her symphonic mix of “Bleed,” which absolutely blew us away. In the description associated with this video, she writes:

“Let’s hear ‘Bleed’ by Meshuggah from another perspective! This is super fun and interesting to do. Hope this opens your musical minds as well as inspires those who produce music”

Without further ado, here is Misstiq’s remix of Meshuggah’s “Bleed”:

How incredible is that remix?! We would love to hear more Meshuggah songs done in this style. In other Meshuggah related news, comedian Bill Burr was on a podcast recently and talked about seeing the band live; he also mentioned that he saw Tool drummer Danny Carey at the same show, and how Carey was blown away by Meshuggah’s performance.

Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to interview that of Meshuggah drummer Tomas Haake. We talked to him about the lyrical themes involved in the band’s latest record Immutable, the band’s passion for technical song writing, and much more. Below we have included an excerpt of our interview with Tomas, but if you want to check out the full interview, follow the link below.

The Pit: When you were coming in to making Immutable, how did you know you found something worth making music about (as a lyricist)? And what can listeners expect on Immutable in terms of lyrical themes/concepts?

Tomas Haake: Again, they are two separate things. The music is always worth writing; I wouldn’t say you are inspired to write something lyrically specifically. The music will come regardless.

[In speaking to lyrical concepts on Immutable]… [There’s the exploration of] how social media has become a tool for idiocy in a lot of ways, as well as for disinformation, and even a political tool. The lyrics for “Light The Shortening Fuse,” which is for Immutable, is kind of talking about that more specifically. You have a song like “Phantoms” which is more about regrets as you go through life. As far as things you’ve said or done you kind of regret, and they stay with you and haunt you. Like ghosts or phantoms. So you have an array of different things. You have a song like “God He Sees In Mirrors,” which is very inspired by [ex-United States President Donald] Trump. That’s more directed towards the people that run under a false flag; not just Trump, but very powerful people – we have a fair share of them in Europe and the far east as well. Their actions are more those of despots and tyrants; [their actions] are all about self, gain, wealth, not about the people.

That kind of gives you an idea of the balance of stuff that’s on Immutable.

“We aren’t trying to f*** with you too much…”: Meshuggah Drummer Tomas Haake Talks Immutable, Creating Complex Music, + More