‘I’m paranoid as f***’: Ozzy Once Thought He Was Being Followed By Eric Clapton

Morten Skovgaard, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Some years ago, a paranoid Ozzy Osbourne thought that Eric Clapton was following him around. Specifically, during a recent episode of Ozzy Speaks, Ozzy shared a story where he continuously kept bumping into Clapton at AA meetings. Ozzy starts the story off by talking about an award show where the two bumped into each other; then, many years later, he ends up bumping into Eric Clapton multiple times.

Per Ozzy Osbourne:

“Many, many years ago, me and Sharon [Osbourne] were in New York and we had to go to an award show. Everybody was there. And I was still doing drugs and alcohol and I was all freaked out. So, we go to this award show and afterwards there’s me, Grace Jones, that chick I did the award show with. Me, Grace Jones, and they wanted to do a picture of Eric Clapton, me, and Grace Jones together. I thought, ‘He’s gonna think I’m a…’ And he’d just come out of some place. So, he was freaked out, which I didn’t know. And I’d convinced myself that he was gonna stop this photograph from being [released]; I’d never seen it for the longest time. And then I went to an AA meeting in the valley many years later; it was like 10 years later. I turn around in this AA meeting and there at the back was Eric Clapton sitting there. And I’m, like, ‘Fucking hell.'”

Ozzy continues: “I’m thinking, ‘He still remembers.’ Not thinking of what he’s done in the last 10 years. I’m thinking, ‘All he’s done, he’s still thinking how much he hates me.’ So I’m thinking, ‘At the end of the meeting, I’m gonna go out that door. I’m fucking legging this.’ I’m thinking, ‘He hates me. He’s gonna call me the biggest cunt he ever met.’ So, I’m just going back to cross the road. I’ll get in the car and drive off. A couple weeks later, I go again. There he is again. I’m thinking, ‘This fucking guy.'”

The interviewer then interjects and says “He’s following you,” to which Ozzy says: “Yeah. I’m paranoid as fuck. So, I’m just about to cross the road and get in my car and drive off. He goes, ‘Ozzy.’ I go, ‘Here we go.’ And he goes, ‘Good to see you in the room.’ We had a chat and I thought, ‘Wow, what a nice guy.’ The fucking next week, I go to a music stand and that photograph [from the award show] was in the magazine, the first magazine I picked up.”

We are glad to hear that things ultimately worked out between Ozzy and Eric Clapton! You can listen to Ozzy share this story himself via the video below.