Nikki Sixx Celebrates 21 Years Sober & Explains How He’s Done It

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Achieving sobriety is commendable regardless of who you are, but given Mötley Crüe‘s infamous party animal reputation, it’s particularly impressive to see Nikki Sixx announce that he’s made it to 21 years of sobriety.

Posting to his Instagram yesterday, Nikki had some advice and words of wisdom to share about how he’s achieved this incredible milestone:

“21 years today….The lessons you learn along the way can only be absorbed and put into action by being open minded and staying sober. I’ve also learned what I don’t want in my life. Let go of the past and live in the moment. For those still struggling, I know this isn’t always easy but you will not believe how wonderful your life can and will be by applying yourself to these simple steps. Cutting out poisonous people and being rigorously honest in all your affairs, leading with love and being solution based are some of the tools you will gain. Keep these those close to your heart. Also a good rule of thumb is over 95% of what you worry about ( anxiety) actually -never- happens so learn to let go, relax and enjoy the journey. #SobrietyRocks”


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Nikki’s previous struggles were of course wildly documented throughout the years in books and movies.

Speaking to Forbes in 2020, Nikki went in to further detail about his path to recovery and sober living:

“First, getting sober is something that you have to take stock in your life. And you have to decide who you want to be as a man or a woman moving forward. I believe that was the best version of myself once I found sobriety. My creativity exploded, my relationships around me exploded and my life got really good. For maybe the first time my life got good because my childhood was rocky and my teenage years were a mess.

And being in Motley Crue was great, but it was what it was, a lot of drugs. And so when I finally got sober I had this moment of clarity… I see interviews from artists, I crack up, man. My wife goes, “You reading about another narcissist?” I go, “Yeah.” Bands think they’re important. Let me tell you right now, bands are the least important thing on earth. What’s important is making a difference.”

Huge congrats and kudos again to Nikki on this accomplishment.

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