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If you have some time to spare, there is a new documentary on YouTube that explores the world of extreme and death metal. From Noise Dosage Media comes the metal documentary: Between Exultation and Aggression.

The film involves a great plethora of artist interviews. Members from the following acts are featured in this documentary: Napalm Death, Cattle Decapitation, 200 Stab Wounds, Primitive Man, Undeath, Gatecreeper, Municipal Waste, Frozen Soul, Exhumed, Midnight, Nuclear Assault, Eyehategod, Bodysnatcher, Lich King, and many, many more.

Between Exultation and Aggression explores the history, influence, and culture pertaining to death metal and extreme metal. We have watched all three hours of the documentary and are absolutely blown away by the work and content involved in this project. Jon Lambert is responsible for directing the film. Speaking to the film (via a lengthy description associated with the documentary), Lambert shared the following:

“The main topics covered in this documentary involve deep dives into artists’ pasts by discussing the initial spark that got them hooked on music, and the impact it has had on them as a person over the years. We divulge thoughts on diehard culture, the most rewarding aspects of operating with a DIY mentality, and prove how this style of music is a healthy form of expression, and lifestyle, even if the lyrical content may come across as negative or confrontational.”

You can watch all of Between Exultation and Aggression below. Congratulations to Jon Lambert and his team for putting together such an incredible film! Many of the younger artists featured in this documentary are also featured in a somewhat recent article of ours – The New Age Of Metal: 20 Bands + Artists Redefining Heavy Music. We also have a past editorial that speaks to how metal is thriving (very much thanks to the new bands of today).

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