Ms. Marvel Seems To Really Enjoy Referencing Bon Jovi

Ms. Marvel Seems To Really Enjoy Referencing Bon Jovi
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While the MCU has included several nods towards rock and heavy metal throughout its existence, the latest Marvel show really seems to embrace a love for Bon Jovi. Back in June, Ms. Marvel kicked off on Disney+, being one of several Marvel properties to get a show on the streaming service. Per the show’s Wikipedia page, the premise involves the following: “Kamala Khan, a 16-year-old fangirl of the Avengers, particularly Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel, struggles to fit in until she gains her own powers.”

Throughout Ms. Marvel, Bon Jovi gets brought up multiple times. There is one scene where Kamala is with her family and a conversation is taking place that mentions the music of Bon Jovi. Kamala’s parents are both fans of the rock act, with her mom even says at one point, “[…] if it wasn’t for ‘Slippery When Wet,’ your father and I may never have met.” This conversation ends up leading to a wedding scene where the Bon Jovi song “Livin’ On A Prayer” is played. You can check out that scene involving Kamala’s family talking about the rock band below.

Ms. Marvel director Meera Menon spoke to PopSugar about the inclusion of Bon Jovi’s music in the show. They talked about the process in reaching out to Bon Jovi for permission to use the band’s music, as well as the importance of the music in the context of Ms. Marvel:

“We worked with the music supervisors on the show to figure out if we could get rights to Bon Jovi’s music. I wrote a little letter to Bon Jovi explaining how big of a fan I was. I went to his concerts at Giant Stadium when I was a teenager.

“I think he means a lot to people from New Jersey. But specifically, I wrote that he means a lot to immigrants. [The] connection to American pop culture and American pop music that immigrants have is really strong and meaningful. Using his music in the show felt really necessary to tell the story of this immigrant family from New Jersey.”

If you have been watching Ms. Marvel, what are your thoughts on the show?

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