Watch: MGK Shouts ‘I’m going to f****** kill you!’ And Charges At Crew Member

MGK Shouts 'I'm going to f****** kill you!' And Charges At Crew Member
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During a recent performance of his in New York City, Machine Gun Kelly got really pissed off at a crew member of his. He actually got so mad that he shouted at this person – “I’m going to fucking kill you!” – before storming off stage and charging at them.

In a video you will find below, Machine Gun Kelly is singing a song; from what we can see from this video only, it isn’t super apparent what may be is wrong. But you can see that MGK glances to the side there and then; it is at one point when he places his mic back in its stand that he turns and shouts “I’m going to fucking kill you!” before storming off the stage.

In a separate video you will find below, you can see Machine Gun Kelly striving to confront a crew member; a security guard is holding him back from getting too close to this individual. When he does return to the stage, he picks up a guitar and starts bashing it against the ground. He points off into the distance (we are assuming he is pointing at the crew member he went off at).

Again, there is no confirmation as to why MGK got this super pissed off. It could have been a technical issue, but damn… the guy got real mad there. You can find both videos featuring MGK’s explosive moment below. What do you make of everything that went down? What do you think got him so mad? In other Machine Gun Kelly news, did you happen to see the video where he took a drinking glass and bashed it against his head? Dude drew some blood for sure with that move. You can find video of this incident via a link below.

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