‘Everyone is welcome in the Metallica Family’: Metallica Clap Back At Gatekeeping Fan

Metallica Clap Back At Gatekeeping Fan
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Metallica has been getting a lot of attention from everyone lately due to their song “Master of Puppets” appearing in the latest season of Stranger Things. With that cameo in the Netflix show, the band’s song has gone super viral lately; with this cameo also being some people’s first experience hearing the band, Metallica are also drawing in new fans.

Recently, the band posted a video on their TikTok that features them performing “Master of Puppets” live. As reported by Metal Hammer, one TikTok user commented on the video and wrote: “I’m sorry Metallica for all the fake Stranger Things fans love ya”.

The band then replied to this comment, writing: “Don’t be sorry. Everyone is welcome in the Metallica Family. If they like Puppets, chances are they’ll find plenty of other songs to get into”.

After this, the band followed up with a general statement that can be seen at the top of the comment sections. This statement reads:

“FYI – EVERYONE is welcome in the Metallica Family. Whether you’ve been a fan for 40 hours or 40 years, we all share a bond through music. All of you started at ground zero at one point in time. 🤘🏻”

That is super cool of Metallica to share such a statement. Music is for everyone, and it shouldn’t matter when or how you get into a band/artist. Gatekeeping is fucking dumb, and to all the young folks (or folks in general) just coming across the band’s music for the first time – you’re about to discover a whole lot of amazing art.

If you’re comfortable sharing in the comments, what is a band that you discovered through other media that you came to love? Or, what is a well established/big band that you may have discovered later on in life? Below you will find other stories pertaining to the band and Stranger Things.

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