Upcoming Metal Fest Accused of ‘Opening a Portal to Hell & Summoning Satan’ by Local Christian Community

Metal Fest Accused of 'Opening a Portal to Hell' by Local Christian Community
Satan by Maxwell Hamilton via Flickr & crowd by Luka Knezevic via Flickr
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Metal music being misunderstood and scapegoated by mainstream society is unfortunately a tale as old as time.

To the outside uneducated ear, it’s all too easy to write off our beloved art form as violent and nonsenical noise. Or to mistakenly assume it renders us all powerless to freewill and intelligent thought- that purely listening to violent and aggressive music makes us all do violent and aggressive things.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we all know that this music is a beautiful therapeutic release like any great art. So it’s always a bummer to see some of our own community being unfairly targeted and misunderstood. Such is now the case with the Tennessee Metal Devastation Music Festival.

Apparently, some local religious folks in West Tennessee are none too pleased about the fest, to the point that it got picked up by the local ABC News affiliate. They spoke with fest co-owner, Raven Moonla, who gave more context about the criticism they are receiving from the locals:

“There are a lot of deeply religious people in that town who feel like we are going to be opening a portal to hell, and summoning Satan, and corrupting their children, which is pretty funny because we’re all really nice people. This music is not any more evil than a horror, or a haunted house, or other things that people take their children to during Halloween season.”

While the site won’t allow for the full segment and interview with Moonla to be embedded here, you can click here to watch on their site. And here are some of the pretty damn hilarious concerns being voiced on social media about the fest:

Tennessee Metal Devastation Music Fest
Some images courtesy of wbbjtv.com

If you’re in the Tennessee vicinity, or up for a roadtrip with your friends, support the Tennessee Metal Devastation Music Festival and grab a ticket.