‘Master of Puppets’ Enters Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart For First Time Ever

Master of Puppets Enters Billboard's Hot 100 Chart For First Time Ever
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For the first time ever in the band’s career, Metallica‘s “Master of Puppets” has entered Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart. Given the extreme boost in popularity that the track has received – thanks to its cameo in the latest season of Stranger Things – it is no surprise to see the song appear on the chart.

In fact, at the time of this writing (July 12th), Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” sits at 40th place on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart. While reviewing that top 100 chart, we did not find any other singles related to metal or hard rock acts.

We at The Pit want to congratulate Metallica on this awesome achievement! Not only is it cool to see that the band is getting extra attention, but it is also awesome to see them gaining even more fans.

Last week, after a TikTok user made a gatekeeping comment on one of the band’s videos, Metallica responded and let folks know that everyone is welcomed into the Metallica family.

The band really appreciates the “Master of Puppets” cameo that takes place in Stranger Things – they even took part in a special duet to celebrate the bad ass scene where Eddie Munson plays the track. The son of Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo, Tye Trujillo (who worked on the song’s cameo), recently shared how he got his awesome gig.

In other Metallica related news, did you hear the classical remix of the band’s song “Enter Sandman”? This classical mix is part of the latest soundtrack for the HBO show Westworld (looks like Metallica is appearing in even more TV shows). Link to that story below.

What are some other Metallica songs you would love to hear in different forms of pop culture? What are some or your favorite instances where a movie, TV show, or even a video game used a Metallica track?

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