Watch: Lone Guitarist Takes To The Streets To Surprise People With A Performance Of The Slipknot Song ‘Sic’

Lone Guitarist Takes To The Streets To Perform The Slipknot Song Sic
METAL IN PUBLIC: Slipknot 🔝 - Ruslan Malyshev, YouTube /Slipknot Facebook
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Ruslan Malyshev runs a YouTube channel where he will take to the streets with his guitar and play random metal songs really loud in public; one video of his we really enjoy is his performance of the Slipknot song  “Sic.” Ruslan travels to various public spaces, playing the Slipknot song out in the open.

In the video where Ruslan plays “Sic,” you will find a great variety of reactions to his performance; there are several little kids who get pumped up by his guitar playing, several young folks who end up headbanging near him, and some folks who are not sure how to process the music. You can find the video of Ruslan Malyshev performing the Slipknot song “Sic” in public below:

What do you make of the reactions to Ruslan’s performance? Speaking of Slipknot, have you checked out our ranking of their studio albums? We took all the current records the band has made and ranked them from worst to best. You can find a link to that ranking below (along with links to other Slipknot related stories). Below we have also included an excerpt of our number five pick, Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses). This is what we had to say about the album:

“Another Slipknot album that has a similar issue is that of the band’s 2004 record, Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses). We rank this album a little higher due to it offering much more consistency in terms of style and compositional tone from track to track – but in that consistency, it lacks such bite. Once again, we find a Slipknot album with some great bangers, but there are multiple points where the emotional ferocity dips. That said, while there are those dipping periods, The Subminimal Verses does represent an important point for the band – where they would start to further expand upon their artistry.”

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