‘Limp Bizkit? What the hell is that?’: Chris Jericho Talks ’90s Metal Scene

'Limp Bizkit? What the hell is that?': Chris Jericho Talks '90s Metal Scene
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Just as the ’90s were closing out, Chris Jericho formed the American heavy metal band Fozzy. Before being in a band though, Jericho was a wrestler, and has become one of the biggest names in the industry. He has wreslted for a great range of wrestling organizations, like that of: Championship Wrestling (ECW), World Championship Wrestling (WCW), World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE), and now All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

During a recent conversation with Louder, Chris Jericho was asked about his wrestling career and musical career; at one point, the interviewer brings up how the ’90s were an “incredible time of flux” for both artforms. Jericho then goes on to share the one band of the ’90s that (he feels) was the biggest of the decade, as well as his feelings on the nu metal genre.

“It was certainly an interesting period. In the early part of the 90s a lot of my wrestling career happened abroad, and the music was changing a lot in the States. Honestly, if it weren’t for Pantera, there wouldn’t have been a metal band to hang your hat on at that time. I could kinda get with grunge, but when it became the nu metal thing, I just didn’t get it. Limp Bizkit? What the hell is that? I still don’t get it.”

The Fozzy frontman then goes on to talk about how he feels metal bands had it somewhat hard in the States (at the time), and mentions the “newer” band – at the time of course – that he came to enjoy.

“I was in places like Europe and Japan, though, where the bands I loved were still respected. You could still see Helloween and Dio and Maiden in arenas in Japan, for example, so I’m not sure in the early 90s I appreciated just how hard it was for metal bands in the States. It wasn’t really until Avenged Sevenfold came along that I really found a newer metal band that I understood.”

What are your thoughts on the ’90s metal scene? Rob Halford of Judas Priest recently spoke about that era and thinks it was a pretty positive time for metal. Scott Ian of Anthrax has also defended the nu metal acts that came to prominence in the ’90s. Links to both stories can be found below.

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