Kirk Hammett Talks About The Progress Behind The New Metallica Album

Kirk Hammett Talks About The Progress Behind The New Metallica Album
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It has been roughly seven years since we have had a new Metallica album – with the band’s latest record being 2016’s Hardwired… to Self-Destruct. That said, it seems like the band have been working on some new music over the course of the pandemic. During a conversation with Guitar World, Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett was asked about updates regarding a new Metallica album.

Hammett didn’t share anything too revealing, but he did make it clear that the band have been working on new material. Below is what Hammett exactly said:

“Well, let’s just say that over the Covid years, we weren’t just sitting around on the couch texting each other, complaining about how we couldn’t work. That was the exact opposite of what happened! We’ve been working through the lost years – so you can draw your own conclusions from that!”

Metallica are known to have quite the gap in-between albums; there was six years in-between Reload and St. Anger, and eight years in-between Death Magnetic and Hardwired… to Self-Destruct. So now with it being roughly seven years… maybe we could expect a new album from the band possibly soon? Regardless, whenever the new Metallica album arrives, we will be incredibly excited to hear what the band have created. Maybe before this new album comes out… we should do a ranking of all the current Metallica albums. At the time of this writing, what is your favorite Metallica record?

In other band related news, Kirk Hammett recently spoke to his passion for horror movies. Follow this link here to learn more about his relationship to the genre. In a different interview, the Metallica guitarist also mentioned one of the band’s most infamous fans. There has also been a lot of news lately involving that of Metallica and the Netflix horror/sci-fi show Stranger Things; you can find several links below pertaining to stories involving that of the thrash metal legends and Stranger Things.

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