Watch: Joey Jordison’s Family Has Released A Memorial Video To Honor His Life

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Yesterday marked the one-year anniversary since the late Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison passed away. Joey was an incredible artist and a passionate human being; he was one of the best and he will forever be missed.

In marking the one-year anniversary of his passing, Jordison’s family has released a memorial video that pays tribute to Joey’s life. The video can be found on the website (as well as below), and includes a great plethora of photos that feature Joey throughout his life. The video also includes some of Joey’s favorite songs.

The website also features a statement from the Jordison family, reflecting on Joey and speaking to how much they will miss him. This statement is quite detailed and long, but below we have included a portion for you to read:

“This is hard. Today marks one year since Joey left us. Our wounds from losing him are still very fresh. Our hearts are broken and the pain is constant. We will carry our scars forever. Today, we remember Joey, the musician, artist, jokester, son, brother, uncle and friend to many.

“To describe Joey as an inspiration is an understatement. His life was short, but his impact was significant. He made such a difference to so many people and his reach extended far beyond aspiring drummers and musicians. Joey met and worked with a lot of people throughout his career, including not only people in the entertainment industry, but people from all walks of life. He captivated everyone around him with his genius talent, charm and humor. If you had the fortune of meeting him, you remember how he made you feel. You wanted to be around him. His personality was infectious. He was kind and sensitive and had a way of making you feel important.”

You can watch the Joey Jordison memorial video below. Below the video, we have included other Joey Jordison related stories for you to check out as well. We love and miss you Joey, and we hope you are at peace <3

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