It’s Official – Rob Zombie’s Munsters Is Coming To Netflix

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What was once a rumor months ago has been officially confirmed: Rob Zombie’s Munsters will be coming to Netflix! Rob Zombie himself has confirmed this news via his Instagram account. Per a new post of his, he writes:

“This fall we are gonna spook-out like it’s 1964! 🎥Yep, THE MUNSTERS and THE ADDAMS FAMILY are returning to the boob tube at the same time courtesy of @netflix ☠️ It’s been 58 years since this clash of the titans first happened. 🎃 Perfect entertainment for your pumpkin carving party. 👻 🔥Check out this wicked fall preview issue of TV Guide for the 64-65 season I found while cleaning . 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃 Wacky monster fans unite! ☠️☠️☠️☠️ #themunsters #theaddamsfamily #robzombie #timburton”


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What a perfect time for those looking for some wholesome horror! Very recently, Zombie released the official trailer for his Munsters movie, which is brimming with comedy and romance. When it comes to other supposed details regarding this movie – some time ago, an individual associated with the film shared how long Zombie’s Munsters movie is (and it really caught us by surprise).

How excited are you for this new Rob Zombie movie? What are your thoughts on the official trailer? Some months ago, we ranked all of Zombie’s current filmography; we are real curious to see where Munsters lands on our ranking. But for now, you can follow the link below to check out our current ranking of Rob Zombie’s filmography from worst to best. Below we have included an excerpt from that ranking, sharing our thoughts on our number seven pick: 31.

“There is a lot to like about 31; though its narrative is not the most original when it comes to horror narratives, there is plenty of Rob Zombie style that elevates this murder game scenario. While featuring a plethora of wild characters, one of the biggest strengths to that of 31 is Richard Brake’s Doom-Head – what an absolute bad ass and chilling character. Thanks to Brake, 31 has possibly one of the eeriest openings to that of a Rob Zombie movie. What ends up hurting this film though is the technicality associated with it. The camera work reaches a bizarre level of shakiness that ends up down-playing or obscuring the action taking place (which can make it difficult to follow what is happening in a scene). If you can look past those technical issues though, 31 still makes for a rush.”

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