Iron Maiden Mascot Eddie Recently Appeared In A X-Men Comic Book

Iron Maiden Mascot Eddie Recently Appeared In A X-Men Comic Book
X-Men: Hellfire Gala (2022) #1: Pencilers: Matteo Lolli, Russell Dauterman, Kris Anka, C.F. Villa ( / Wolverine: Weapon X #1: Ron Garney (Wikipedia)
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We love when the worlds of heavy metal and comic books come together – so when we heard that Iron Maiden mascot Eddie made an appearance in a recent X-Men comic, of course we had to check it out! Earlier this month, Marvel released a book titled X-Men: Hellfire Gala, and within its pages were two special cameos (that is right, we said two).

One of those is Iron Maiden mascot Eddie, the other being comedian Brian Posehn. Both the Iron Maiden Twitter account and Posehn tweeted about their special cameos within this latest X-Men book. Per Iron Maiden, they wrote:

“EDDIE??! Look who showed up at @Marvel‘s biggest night for mutantkind!  Check out Eddie’s guest appearance in ‘X-Men: Hellfire Gala’ #1, out now at your local comic book shop. #XMenHellfireGala #IronMaiden #Marvel #Eddie #Comic #Xmen”

Posehn retweet’d Maiden and wrote: “Um, this is crazy. My huge ass just chillin’ with ‘Trooper’ Eddie at a Hellfire Gala. @IronMaiden and @Marvel had a crazy impact on my life. And now this panel exists. Thanks to all involved and @GerryDuggan.”

We do have to say – Marvel Comics and Iron Maiden are one hell of a team-up! What other heavy metal mascots would you like to see make a cameo within a comic book? Several metal bands and artists have been involved with comics, like that of GWAR, Rob Zombie, Spiritbox, and more.

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