Iron Maiden Chime In On ‘Piece of Mind’ Cameo In Stranger Things

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Stranger Things has been getting a lot of heavy metal attention lately – and not just regarding Metallica – but also in regards to Iron Maiden‘s 1983 studio album, Piece of Mind. There are a plethora of awesome heavy metal Easter eggs that appear throughout the recent season of Stranger Things – one of those Easter eggs involves that of Maiden’s fourth record.

Piece of Mind is among one of Iron Maiden’s best albums! It includes hit tracks like that of “Flight of Icarus” and “The Trooper.” This beloved Iron Maiden album appears briefly within Stranger Things, but the manner in which its cameo is made is both comical and endearing.

Minor narrative spoilers for Stranger Things – During one scene in the latest season of the show, the cast are searching frantically about a room; Maya Hawke’s character is going through a bunch of different music tapes, listing off various acts that she’s trying to find. She says she is having trouble finding something. Eddie Munson steps in and asks what she is looking for, to which she replies, “Music! We need music!”

Eddie then picks up a tape – that tape being Iron Maiden’s Piece of Mind – and shouts “This is music!” You can check this scene out for yourself via the video below.

Iron Maiden also caught wind of this scene and seem to have really appreciated the shout out. Below you will find the Iron Maiden Twitter account’s response to this scene:

We are loving all the heavy metal representation that is taking place in Stranger Things. Below you will find other Stranger Things related stories. With all this metal taking place in the show, we want to ask – what is another modern show you think would benefit from having metal in it?

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