Watch: God’s Hate Singer Slams A Wrestler Through A Table At An Autograph Signing

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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At a recent autograph signing event, Brody King (the singer of the hardcore band God’s Hate), picked up a fellow wrestler and slammed him right through a table. Fan-captured footage of this incident can be found below, and folks, it goes without saying – but this is really fucking cool to watch.

It is worth noting that while Brody also fronts God’s Hate, he is also a professional wrestler. King is part of AEW (All Elite Wrestling); Darby Allin, another fellow AEW wrestler, is the individual that Brody slammed through the table. The video footage of this incident was shared via Twitter, where one user wrote about their experience meeting Allin. The Twitter user writes:

This is such a dream come true! I got to meet one of my Fave AEW stars @DarbyAllin over @zumiez in the Southcenter Mall. Didn’t really care if my eyes were closed in the picture this is The Best Early Birthday Ever! Thanks Dude! #AEW #DarbyAllin #Zumiez”

They then go on to add in a following post:

“But before the signing, @Brodyxking just came out of nowhere & powerbomed @DarbyAllin through the table! This has been my first real Wrestling Feud Experience! #AEW #DarbyAllin #BrodyKing #Zumiez”

You can find all these posts, including the footage of Brody King slamming Darby Allin through a table, below: