Watch: Fred Durst Provides Statement On ‘Personal Health Issues,’ Limp Bizkit Cancel European And U.K. Tour

Fred Durst Provides Statement On 'Personal Health Issues'
Antje Naumann (AllSystemsRed), CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons
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Via the Limp Bizkit website, band vocalist Fred Durst has provided a statement, saying that the band are canceling their upcoming European and U.K. tour. In the video that features Durst, he speaks to prepping himself for this tour and getting some medical tests done, only to find out that his doctor wants him to stay around for more tests (and not take part in this tour).

In the video you will find below (uploaded to TikTok), Durst seems genuinely upset by this news; he remains hopeful, saying that everything will be alright, but it sincerely is bumming him out that he can’t embark on this tour. Below is a full transcription of what Fred Durst had to say (as transcribed by The Pit):

“Greetings, to whoever’s watching, and to our fans in the U.K. and all across Europe. In preparation for the 2022 summer tour, in U.K. and Europe, I have decided to do some tests to make sure I’m in good physical condition and everything’s okay. And to my surprise, my doctor has decided to send me a letter, telling me he would not like me to tour at this time, and to stay close by to do more tests.

“And that being said – this was very unexpected news, and I’m so sorry, and I look forward to making it up to you as soon as possible. I can only thank you so much for your support; I truly am grateful for everyone who was going to take their time out of their busy lives and come see Limp Bizkit perform this summer. And I look forward to making that up to you as soon as possible, and I’m definitely already trying to think of ways to do that.

“I regretfully have to tell you we aren’t going to make it at this moment. But, I’m only wishing for the best, and I know everything is going to be okay. And again, thank you so much for your support – as we do love and cherish our connection with you, more than anything on this planet. And we are really looking forward to seeing you, and doing what we do – and you know what that is.

“Let’s stay in touch, let’s figure out, you know, what the next steps are. I’m already working on something to make it up to everyone in the U.K. and all over Europe. Thank you guys so much, and girls, and all the in-between.”

We wish Fred all the best in whatever he is going through <3

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