‘Please don’t. It’s not right’: In 2018, Ex-Lamb Of God Drummer Encouraged Vinnie Paul Not To Reunite With Pantera

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Let alone the recent debate that has been taking place, there has always been debate regarding that of a Pantera reunion. While several musicians – like Chris Barnes, M. Shadows, and Justin Hawkins – have offered various different opinions regarding the upcoming Pantera tribute/reunion shows, ex-Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler actually spoke to the late Vinnie Paul about such a decision back in 2018.

During an appearance on the Talk Is Jericho podcast, Adler was invited on to talk about Vinnie Paul; the episode in particular was a tribute to the late Pantera drummer, who had passed away in June of that year. At one point during the conversation, Chris Adler brings up how he and Vinnie had talked about the idea of a Pantera reunion; when it comes to Adler’s opinion – he was not fond of the idea. In fact, he actually told Vinnie, “Please don’t. It’s not right,” regarding such a possible reunion. This is what Chris Adler had to say (the below was transcribed by Loudwire):

“I spoke with him at length about that, not that my opinion mattered whatsoever, but I encouraged him, ‘Please don’t. It’s not right.’ As much as I love Zakk, or whoever else might be able to do it, and I know the fans want that, and I know there is this concept of, ‘Do it for the fans. Do it for the songs. Celebrate this,’ it’s celebrated by the fact that it’s over. It’s celebrated by the fact that we all remember it well, with the appropriate pieces to the puzzle.”

Adler then expresses how the chemistry of a band is important:

“There’s a chemistry you have as a band, and sometimes in my band it can become tumultuous, it can become difficult, and sometimes those things, actually, are beneficial in ways that you push each other creatively and kind of get around the obstacles. It’s not that Vinnie said ‘no’; it’s that it wasn’t possible. Whatever other unit would be put together, it’s not capable of creating the chemistry necessary to put on the show that Vinnie and his brother did.”

Where do you stand regarding the upcoming 2023 Pantera shows? Without Vinnie or Dimebag Darrell – do you think the shows shouldn’t happen at all?

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