‘It’s not very good’: Ex-Ghost Member Shares Feelings On Band’s Latest Album Impera

Tuomas Vitikainen, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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During an interview with On The Road To Rock, ex-Ghost member Linton Rubino (the vocalist of Priest) shared his thoughts on the latest Ghost album, Impera. At one point during the interview, Rubino is asked about his feelings when it comes to Ghost – whether he cheers for their work or if he stays away. The ex-Ghost member then shares the following:

“Just to make it clear, I toured the second album and I was fired during the recording of the third album, Meliora. When I listen to Meliora, I think it’s maybe the best album — I think it’s a superb album. And that was the album that won all the awards — Grammys and stuff. I think that album was close to being a masterpiece in the genre; I really think that. After that, I don’t think, actually, they’ve matched it by far. The popularity, of course, if that’s what people wanna see, that’s fine – nothing wrong with it. But I think their last record [Impera], it’s not very good, to put it simple. It’s my taste. But I can say that Meliora is close to a masterpiece as well. I think something had happened with the band, and you can clearly hear the difference in the songwriting there and today.”

The ex-Ghost member then goes on to add:

“I listened to Impera, the latest record. I skipped through the songs once and then I tried to listen to the whole thing. Then I turned it off half way. I can’t, really. But I don’t have any feelings around it, really. Let them have their fun. If they think it’s fun and have a good time, let them have it.”

What are your thoughts on Impera? Do you think it is one of Ghost’s best? What about Meliora? In another interview of his, Rubino spoke about how he needed six months of therapy after Ghost frontman Tobias Forge fired him from the band. You can find the video interview featuring Rubino talking about Impera below.

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