Ex-Ghost Member Says He Needed Six Months Of Therapy After Tobias Forge Fired Him From The Band

Ex-Ghost Member Says He Needed Therapy After Tobias Forge Fired Him
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During a recent interview with Dr. Music Priest, an ex-Ghost member (named Linton Rubino) shared that he needed six months of therapy after Tobias Forge fired him from the band. Rubino was a bass player in Ghost.

During his conversation with Dr. Music Priest, Rubino is asked if he was part of a 2017 lawsuit against that of Ghost mastermind Tobias Forge. Rubino shared:

“I was fired in 2015 from Ghost, so I wasn’t a part of that process. But I have a family member and a close friend that was in that process, in the trial.” He then went on to add, “So, yeah, I was involved emotionally, you can say. But otherwise from that, I wasn’t a part of that process.”

The ex-Ghost member was then asked if he found it difficult to move forward in his career after being fired (given that the identities of the Nameless Ghouls are kept hidden):

“I actually went through therapy for six months after that ’cause I felt that I’m nobody. We were up there playing with Metallica and Iron Maiden and everything, and they know who we are, all the people backstage know who we are, but nobody else [knows who we are].

So it was just like being up here [referring to being in a very popular band] and then you’re basically [makes a low hand gesture, as if alluding to being at the bottom]. I didn’t have a job or anything – it was cold turkey otherwise […] Every breakup takes a while, right?

But then you’re back on track in a couple of months. And you just roll up your sleeves and get at it again. I didn’t have much of a choice.”

From what he has shared in this interview, what do you make of Rubino’s experience? In the past, Forge has shared that he has been called a “dictator” and “control freak.”

You can check out the full video interview featuring ex-Ghost member Linton Rubino below.

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